What Else We Do

Paul Gunter and Andrew ShortenLead Your Business To Success – Marketing and Business Growth
Andrew and Paul work with ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their companies. They show that when you understand how to optimise every activity your business performs, and when you discover how to ethically influence customers or clients in their droves to buy from you – rather than your less savvy and knowledgeable competitors – you can soon dominate your marketplace.
They offer experienced advice on your direct marketing campaigns or communications and practical advice and tested suggestions on strategy, planning or any other aspect of your marketing, online and off.

free business bookHow To Fill Your Small Business With Non Stop Customers, Money, Success And Growth…
Have you ever wondered what the fundamental difference is between one business that achieves extraordinary growth, and another that struggles for a breakthrough? You’ll find the answers are simple but critical to your ultimate success. This brand new book will show how you can apply to your business the powerful techniques that are skyrocketing sales and profits in hundreds of businesses just like yours. It’s an 80 page quick-read paperback and is packed with profitable business success, positioning, and marketing principles… It’s available free for a limited time so claim your copy now!

business marketing book
Turbo Charge Your Business, Win Customers and Dominate Your Market…
In this comprehensive business marketing bible Andrew and Paul reveal their most powerful recession-beating marketing strategies yet. Businesses can thrive if they ethically use all the tactics explained in this book to stand above every one of their competitors… You can create more success, and more wealth now… while your competitors flounder not knowing what to do to.
Publication Date: Due late 2009